Below are just some of the great apps I like to use. If you're taking my iPhoneography Workshop, here's where you'll find the required apps for class. New apps are available often, so this list is just the top of the top list of apps that I am using now (or demonstrate during class) - if you have a suggested app, feel free to drop me a line and I'll check it out!

Enlight is one of my all-time favorite photo editing apps for iPhone!
Cinemagraph Pro is AMAZING. Takes your moving images to spectacular new levels.
Edit your iPhone movies like a Pro.
Snapseed is a great (and free) photo-editing app!
I love using Hyperlapse on my iPhone - timelapse with speed control. Can't beat that!
Best place to share your photography and follow some brilliant artists.
Ready to start selling your images? This is a GREAT place to start.
Unbelievable artsy app - turn your photos into art!
Fun app to make your photos look like art.
Fun app that turns your photos into prismatic art.
Quick, free and simple app that transforms your photos into paintings.
Black & White (Except where you want color...)
Turn your photos into Tiny Planets, Rabbit Holes and more...
Fun app helps create light trails, long-exposures and more.
8mm turns your videos into vintage movies.
Know your sky!
Have a GoPro? Use this app!

Film like pro